Call for Workshops (deadline: 10th of June):

GCB 2017 invites the submission of workshops on current important topics of bioinformatics. This is an excellent opportunity for new PhD students (or more experienced scientists entering a new research area) to get up to speed with new methods, techniques and tools. Workshops should provide a broad overview of a current hot topic, where the workshop organizers invite or call for contributions from experts in the field.

Workshops should comprise three hours (afternoon of September 18th). Prospective workshop organizers are encouraged to contact the GCB program chairs and submit a workshop proposal until 10th of June 2017 (11:59 p.m. MESZ). Please submit your proposal electronically as a pdf file to with the subject line “GCB workshop proposal: yourworkshoptitle”.

Workshop organizers will be responsible for advertising the workshop, inviting and selecting the contributions and guaranteeing a high-quality, worthy of the prestige and range of the conference. Workshop papers will not be published in the GCB conference proceedings, but may be published in other formats chosen by the workshop organizers. Submissions must include name and affiliations of the organizers, a one-page description of the topic and its relevance and value to the GCB community as well as a brief description of the submitters’ qualification/experience with the topic. Workshop submission must further include a draft time schedule for the workshop (CFP, deadlines, etc.), a list of potential members of the workshop’s program committee, an estimation of the number of attendees, a draft list of potential authors / presenters.

Important: Workshop organizers and speakers must pay their expenses, including GCB registration, to participate in the meeting. The GCB organizers will help in the administrative aspects of assigning the rooms, announcements and adding the detailed schedule to the conference program. Note that the GCB cannot financially support the speakers or the workshop organizers.